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Thanks to his previous game, this incarnation has the ability to use an ability akin to scan. Thus, I'd appreciate if you would fill out this form in case he ever uses it:

He's also capable of communicating telepathically with other Persona users, so if your character has current, active access to a Persona, just let me know here if it's okay for him to use this with you. (Does not count for characters who temporarily gained a Persona during the fog event unless they've learned to summon them without it.)
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(Need to get in contact with Allen but he doesn't have a post up? Drop a line here. This post is for any form of contact, from phone to e-mail to sky writing and for any reason from important plot stuff to chatting about the weather to calling him a stinky poopyhead if you really want to. Don't expect a very pleasant conversation if you open with that last one, however.)
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Hadraniel | Allen Ridgeley | Lvl 85

1 Dia
10 Double Fangs
20 Tarunda
30 Media
40 Cruel Attack
50 Enemy Radar
60 Analysis
70 Myriad Arrows
80 Medirama
90 Judgment of Light
100 Salvation
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Player Info:
Nickname: Jess
Age: 20
Personal LJ: [livejournal.com profile] draconic_scribe
Method of Contact: AIM: Firebenderjess Plurk: Firebenderjess
Characters Played: None

Character Info:
Name: Allen Ridgeley
Age: 24
Canon: Xenosaga (Video game)
Pull Point: Immediately post-canon
Background Info:
History: Have some links.
Personality: At first glance, Allen seems to be that perfectly generic guy who will never do anything important. When not actively drawing attention to himself, he's easy to overlook and prefers a quiet lifestyle. When he's forced out of his element, his first reaction is usually to whine and complain while still allowing himself to be dragged around, seemingly lacking the spine to actually refuse to get involved. He constantly worries about what his friends are getting themselves into, and generally just comes across as high strung.

This is, in fact, not the case. While he is generally high strung when he's nervous, his reluctance to speak up for his own desires isn't out of timidness, but rather because he's too nice. He cares deeply for his friends, enough that, despite several opportunities to hop off the crazy train and go back to a normal life, he remained on board until the end and then got on again when his friends needed him. He has repeatedly shown that his spastic nature in unexpected situations quickly gives way to a cool head and, while not necessarily confident, stubborn assurance when people are counting on him. Taken right out of a civilian life, he was able to take the death of someone who had been trying to protect them with dignity and pragmatism, acknowledging that it was a horrible thing while at the same time convincing his panicking boss that they needed to use the opening provided by his death to escape, or else it would mean nothing.

In his element, Allen is a very different person. Though modest, he is confident in his skills and, though frequently teased, is a respected leader within his field. He's always well prepared for likely situations, although he can sometimes go overboard with responsibility, as evidenced by the fact that he carries stimulants whose most likely purpose are to keep him awake well past when he would have normally fallen asleep in order to finish projects. Although he is capable of enjoying a vacation, he feels a need to pick up any and all of his subordinates' or even superiors' slack and personally take it on himself to make up for any deficiencies in his division's output.

Allen's biggest flaw is actually his inability to hang his friends out to dry. Although he's a largely ordinary civilian with no proper combat experience, he's willing to follow his friends and especially the woman he loves into dangerous situations that even trained soldiers might balk at for the sake of providing a voice of reason and whatever of his skills end up applicable. Although this has repeatedly put him in situations where he feared for his life, he hasn't once ignored a chance to be of use and has willingly entered combat heavy situations for the one he loves. The most glaring example of his kindness being to his detriment, however, is in dealing with that very loved one. Although he had many chances to tell her, his fear of opening wounds left by the death of her fiance left him feeling like his emotions would be too much of a burden for her. This tendency to place his own desires after others often makes him a perfect example of nice guys finish last.

Unlike most other nice guys who get trampled on, however, Allen can and will say enough is enough if something personally offends him. While he's willing to put himself in danger for his friends, he is also willing to stand up to them for his morals and even give passionate, heart wrenching speeches about his beliefs. Like all of his friends, he can be incredibly stubborn when he sets his mind to something and is more or less impossible to dissuade from his choices by any means short of death, even if it means calling a nigh-omnipotent enemy a coward to his face to make his point.
Game Specific:
Arcana: Judgment
Justification: One of the major points to Allen's role in the story was his sudden growth at the end, when he discovered the inner strength to stand up to both his friends and enemies and admit his love for someone. In that moment of realization, he grew as a person and showed greater bravery and confidence in himself from that moment. In addition, by the end of the story-and the end of the constant uprooting and discovery of new things about the world around him-he has managed to get all he really wanted and is satisfied with his life.

First Person Sample: *The man on the screen seems utterly unremarkable in every way, aside from the fact that he looks mildly freaked out.*

Someone tell me this is just some kind of sick joke to tell me Shion got the EVS working again. If it is, it's not funny, guys! Uh...guys?

*As realization dawns that this is really happening, the freaked out look fades to resignation.*

Oh man, don't tell me we got stuck in another spacetime anomaly. Why does this stuff always happen to uuus?
Third Person Sample: Allen was, by a longshot, the most normal of the people he regularly kept company with. He was just a guy who worked for a major corporation that had gotten dragged into a bunch of crazy events. But normal for his social circle only meant so much, and his idea of the truly shocking was somewhat skewed. When he realized that the ancient looking city around him actually wasn't a hologram, he couldn't help but groan and slump over. He'd seen more than one spacetime anomaly in his recent past, and it always meant bad news. The only thing that struck him as really strange here was the fact that he was alone. If the Elsa had ended up in a spacetime anomaly, where was Shion? Or Jr., or Mary, or Shelley, or any of the crew?

He didn't know any of that, but he did know that if he wanted to learn anything, he would have to find someone. Straightening up, though still looking somewhat upset, he reluctantly trudged off to see if he could find out just what kind of mess he'd fallen into this time, and where his friends had ended up.
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[Phone, filtered from drones]

Shion and Nepeta are both gone. If anyone needs me, I'll be at the lake.


*Anyone who comes to find Allen will see him sitting next to the lake with a fishing line dangling through a hole in the ice. At first glance, it looks like he might be moping, but looking closer one would notice that he seems more lost in thought than upset.*
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*It's not an unusual sight to see Allen leaving work with a decent sized box of spare parts, but today he seems to have put more of a focus than normal on wires and whatever small scale motor parts he can get his hands on. The box he's using is a bit bigger than normal, too, so he's having a bit of trouble with it on the way home. Help a guy out?

Alternatively, once he gets home, he puts out a call.*

[Filtered from drones/Grady/etc., made while Shion's busy]
Is there anyone here that's good at sewing? I'm working on a...project and I want to make it look like something specific, but I can't really sew the covering myself. I'd be willing to lend a hand with something else in return.
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*Allen should have known better than to touch something that had just appeared in his house, but it was kind of in the way...at least until he tried to move it and it sprung to life. His initial startled jump back managed to knock the phone of the hook, so all of Mayfield gets to hear his bewilderment.* What on Miltia-you've gotta be kidding me!

*There's a loud 'oof' and a low thud as the turkey rams him and he bumps back into the wall.* Hey, get off!

*Another thud, this time with a crash and followed by what sounds suspiciously like sizzling as he tosses the undead bird into a chair and shoots a beam right through it.* This is just getting absurd...
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*Now that the Tauros stampede is over and things are back to being quiet, Allen has come out to his favorite spot in Mayfield: the park. He's just sitting on a bench, wearing a winter jacket and mostly seems to just be enjoying the scenery and the quiet, though he'll occasionally glance at people walking past.*
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Hey, um...I'm not the only one that spent a while as a different age, right? Did everyone else get hit with something right before they changed?


Nov. 16th, 2010 07:05 pm
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*There's a fifteen year old boy wandering the streets of Mayfield this afternoon, looking rather thoroughly lost. He's doing one of two things.*

A) *He's just walking around the streets, peering at the signs and trying to figure out where he is.* How did I get lost just coming home from the lake? Oh man...grandpa is not going to be happy if I'm late.

B) *When he realizes he's never even heard of any of these streets, he's stopping someone to ask for directions. That someone might just be you.* Excuse me, do you know where the Ridgeley estate is?
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Does the name "Jatiana Sadukov" mean anything to anyone? Whoever gave us these pamphlets seems to think it's worth including a blank page with that written on it.


Nov. 9th, 2010 05:12 pm
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And here I'd hoped things would be quiet for a while...but everyone's back to normal now, right? *A quiet cough.* At least it looks like everyone got something from home.

[Filtered to Wilhelm]
How about we just forget this weekend ever happened?


Nov. 4th, 2010 01:23 am
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*Allen's day has turned out to really be not so good. After an encounter with Old Gregg, he is now dripping wet and grumbling as he makes his way to 1647 Albright Lane, shivering and carrying an equally damp fishing pole.*


Nov. 3rd, 2010 02:40 pm
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*Today, the people of Mayfield can find Allen sitting out at the edge the lake, holding onto a fishing rod with his line dangling in the water. Every now and then, he'll reel something in, usually a piece of wood or something similar, though occasionally he'll catch a small fish, only to unhook it and throw it back, before casting out again in a smooth gesture.*

(Edit: If you want, you can come across him after he meets Old Gregg, in which case he will be wet, hunched over and grumbling to himself.)
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*After a certain conversation with Theta, Allen's even more worried than ever and has gone looking around the house for Shion. Anyone else staying at Albedo's house is free to notice and bother him, though.*
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This is disgusting! People are losing their limbs and dying over what? Being caught with a man who's missing one hand and can barely stay in one place for longer than a few minutes? Why? Is this to keep us in line? To make a point? I know I haven't been here long, but to me, it looks like someone's just trying to scare us. I know it might seem like we have no choice but to give in, but we don't. There's always a choice...it might not be pleasant, but I, for one, don't plan on giving up on what I believe in, and I don't believe in cooperating with monsters that think it's alright to dismember someone just because they tried to protect another human being. I know it's scary, but...I like to think that people are strong enough to stand up for what they feel is right.

*Allen pauses, as if deciding whether or not he can afford to say more.* I met the man that all this is about. He was barely coherent, scared and injured. He was in no condition to hurt anybody.

*And with that, he hangs up.*
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Is there anyone by the name of...Edgar Figaro here? I was told to talk to him about a gathering for people who work with machines.
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Jeeze, I haven't seen anything like this outside of my old textbooks...I hope they were right about how they work. *Ahem.* Hello...? Could someone please tell me where I am, how I got here and why some crazy people think they're my family?? None of this makes any sense whatsoever! Please don't tell me I somehow got stuck in another spacetime anomaly...


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